Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Something to Smile About

I'm not great with introductions. They overwhelm me. I wonder how much is too much and how little is... well, you get the picture. So instead, I'll go one blog post at a time and hopefully you'll find each little blurb exciting and new as we get to know each other. Gosh, lucky me. It sounds like we're dating.

So first let me explain this blog's title, "Something to Smile About." Technically, this is STSA Part 2. I created the first blog right after I gradated from college in 2007. I had taken a job at a publishing company where we printed financial newsletters on, GASP, paper! In fact, blogging at that time was just starting to take off in sub-genres, as far as I could tell, and my editor suggested I try blogging to keep my creativity alive in an otherwise dreary subject matter. Stock market mini-crash anyone?

My job was hurting my soul. In 2008 I got a promotion, gave up the ativan and quit. My then boyfriend had just proposed and I moved back home. At the time my editor, my friend and mentor, said something that stung for years later. She said, "I expected more from you then just getting married and having kids. I thought you were going to do more first."... Or something along those lines. In any case, I was clearly letting her down and that really bothered me. Now? Not so much. Because indeed, I did get married and in 2013 I had a baby boy. I am perfectly happy with the choices that led to my meeting the love of my life - twice.

Once the adventure of life after college, my first job in my chosen field and late nights out with friends were my something to smile about. Now, it's this face. He amazes me. So, there we have it, I've poured out a little bit of my heart for you and now we're friends. It was nice meeting you. I hope you'll leave a post below and let me know what your something to smile about is.